Friday, 2 April 2010

Let's play pretend.

Two assignments done ...
Nine more to go.
And three exams.

How do you manage your stress levels? As one of those uncontrollably and systematically anal perfectionists, high stress levels are almost always magnetically attracted to me. Much like mosquitoes are.

So what do I do to keep the stress bugs at bay?
  • Watch Twilight
  • Watch one of my favourite comedies
  • Overeat
  • Work out til endorphins kick in (I do this a lot less frequently than bullet point above :P)
  • Watch sand paintings on YouTube
  • Go shopping in 1-Utama or The Curve (if I'm too stressed, I have no mood for this)
  • Pretend that I'm shopping online in foreign webstores
The last bullet point is possibly the healthiest (and strangest) stress busters of the whole list. I can't quite describe it, but even uploading the picture of the item on my blog makes me feel like I own a part of it. Is that weird? :P Well, whatever. It totally works. Try it sometime. :D

Shoes I someday want to have (at least similar ones):

Bags that are so pretty I just had to upload them here:

Mid-semester break officially starts tomorrow, but I have two assignments due immediately after this nine-day "holiday", so it's not so much a break. :/

Ooh but while you're checking out the new YouTube interface, check out my first fully original video! :D