Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

Whee! Another Nuffnang opportunity! :D

Shah Dadameah (Senior Editor), me, Joshua Ong, Jessica Tan

Basically, Malaysian Mirror liaised with Nuffnang to select five bloggers - to blog around once a week for their segment, "Blogs". The other two bloggers are Cynthia Ong and ProudDuck, but they couldn't make it so I didn't get to see Cynthia again/meet ProudDuck whose name I still don't know. :(

Despite being honoured that I'm actually selected to join this pool of uber popular bloggers, I can't help feeling a little ill-equipped. :/

I think the problem is my camera.

See, this guy doesn't have that problem.

Bear with the photos I took today because my camera only works well with ourdoor sunlight. :( I'm feeling super technologically inferior after looking at the other bloggers' blogs. Heeee.

YB Lim Lip Eng receiving the "Malaysian Newsmaker of the Year Award" on behalf of Teoh Beng Hock's family

Chit-chat session with Malaysian Mirror's veteran journalists & the YB

Blogger briefing in the editorial room before we said byebye :)

It was really nice to meet YB Lim Lip Eng (Segambut MP-DAP), who apparently likes grunge music (eventhough I don't even know what is grunge music). It was also really cool to meet some of the people behind Malaysian Mirror:
  • Francis Paul Siah (Editor-in-chief)
  • Shah Dadameah (Senior editor - he'll be editing my stories)
  • George Wong (News editor)
  • Clifford Hii (Business strategy & development consultant)
  • Honeymah Dyiyani (Journalist)
  • Yee Phooi Yi (Marketing executive - she liked my Hermes-inspired bag! XD)
And that's not even everyone, because I only wrote the names of the people who gave me their name cards. :P

Anyway, after the event, my Nuffnang kawan (Xin Xiannnnn!) went shopping with me at The Curve. :D :D Because there was this Malaysian-lah event that I wanted to check out - plus the usual weekend flea market! :D :D

My Flowerpot bazaar friend and Xin Xian, who bought 4 items from her + shoes! :P I love my Flowerpot friend's earrings! And the next time I see her, I'm gonna ask her what her name is again. :/

Xin Xian's first Chanel-inspired bag | Xin Xian's first meal at Ikea's food court

I think going shopping with the "legendary" (cheh wahh!) Your Shopping Kaki has its drawbacks - you end up spending, spending, spending! :P But if it helps, I will also do your bargaining for you. :D :D :D

I also bought a lace top for Hammy's upcoming 22nd birthday! :D
(I hope she doesn't read this ... close your eyes Hammy!!)

And I feel like I was handed a lot of name cards, so Networking = Productivity! :D

And now I'm tired. And horrified that Saturday is over already. o.O