Sunday, 18 April 2010

Attack of the salespeople.

I officially am in love with The Curve! Well, on weekends anyway! :D

The street market is totally growing on me - and then I went to examine every nook and cranny of the Galleria upstairs, and everything I see online and at bazaars, I see there too! Plus I get to walk between Tesco and The Curve - and Tesco's bazaar stalls have maxi dresses for only RM30-39... omg! Not to mention, dresses for only RM15. But those weren't in my shopping list - not today, anyway! :P

So yeah :P So anyway, I was at the street market today - and I got totally seduced (into shopping) by who may quite possibly be the best salespeople I've ever met. Because I stop at virtually every stall to scan the place like Terminator on a mission, I stopped at this particular stall too. I saw vintage-inspired locket necklaces that I kinda like, and Lady 1 started promoting one of them to me.

"It's only RM25," she says to me. "Special price!"

And I go, "Mmm yeah. Hehe. Haha." I always laugh when I don't know what to say. My broad grinning smile and goofy laugh usually makes up for my wordlessness. :D

Then she starts whispering conspiratorily, "This same necklace, it's sold in DiVa for RM59."

I already know this, so I feign surprise. "Oooooh."

Then Lady 1 calls for back-up. She says to Lady 2, "Right? This is in DiVa too."

Lady 2 goes, "Ya! You see, only RM25 here!"

Then they go through what may be a well-rehearsed scheme of persuasion:
1. They tell me I'm so fair, I'm so pretty, Chinese girls are always so fair and pretty.
2. I blush furiously and tell them, Nolah Malay girls are so much prettier.
3. They ask me what I study, where I'm from. You're Malaysian, right? Do you speak Malay? Did you learn Malay in school?
4. How much does it cost, anyway, to study in university these days?
5. Oh wow, so expensive, they'll never go to university. Are there student loans and scholarships available?
6. While they speak to me, I'm checking out the collection of necklaces, and start to ask if the clock is a real, functioning one. Then they tell me about it, how to replace the batteries, how long is the battery life ...
7. I spot one with a dragon engraving on one side, and a floral engraving on the other. I'M HOOKED. THEY KNOW IT.
8. I try it on. Instantly, both of them gasp, "Oh my god, so pretty! It's so perfect on you! Cantik-nya!"
9. I'm so totally buying it. They give me a discount - "RM23, special price just for you!" - and offer to replace the batteries for me if they can stock them. Free batteries for me! And they never stop calling me "lenglui".


Ooooh and I also found the floral earrings I've been hunting high and low for! :D 3 pairs for RM10, yayyy! I can't wait to wear them! :D :D :D

I also bought a pair of sandals from Vincci - my first Vincci purchase! LOL! - for RM39. They're super comfy and the cloth print is a bright floral, haha! :) And now I know my shoe size by Vincci standards - a whopping size NINE!

Final note: Also spotted extremely promising extra-long maxi dresses in Nichii, for under RM100! :) Plenty in the Tesco bazaar stalls too, which I'll be paying more attention to next time :P To this day it amazes me how much people underestimate hypermarkets!