Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dotting the i

It's Sunday night already. My Policy books and notes are spread out across two tables, and I'm embarking on what looks like the next 52-65 hours of poring over what the heck the policy dilemmas in music file sharing are. And by Wednesday, I have to start on my Authorship essay (which is due Friday 16th April).

Last night before sleeping, I watched The Box and cried like a baby.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a black lace bangle in that cramped Diva outlet in The Curve. It was so gorgeous, like almost to-die-for gorgeous - and then I turned the price tag and it said "RM49". And then I said, "Oh, darn."

Looks something like the bangle pictured above, but nicer. Worth buying?
Couldn't find a picture of the bangle I saw in Diva... so Googled for "black lace bangle" and this was the best I could get off the Internet :/

Final note for today: Gmail Blog's April Fool's joke is kinda funny. In a nerdy kinda way. LOL.