Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Is there ever a single purpose of walking into a mall?

Today was brunch and blusher-hunting at every possible cosmetic counter. Estee Lauder (So Expensive!), Makeupforprofessionals, random letters strewn together to form a brand name ... you name it, I scouted it!

So finally, I went to Sasa. After I dropped my redearth one for the twenty-fifth time, it cracked into a million little pieces. So I've spent the last four weeks colouring my cheeks with the remnants of powdered rouge. (Just like how I've run out of blue ink pen.)

Downboy pink blusher from Sasa, RM65

And mum wanted to try the b.liv thing - plus I'm turning 22 so I need to start lathering up on skincare, although my milk moisturiser's sustaining my skin sooo far - but ya. I thought I should start incorporating some form of skincare regiment into my daily life.

Oooh and I bought false-eyelash-equipment, a glue and a "helper" thingy that looks like a hole puncher. :D I'm so intrigued by false eyelashes these days. Ever since I started writing this review I'm doing on falsies.

It's so unreal yet so intriguing!

I didn't apply any glue on this one, just put it on one eye to take a photo :P
It'll look much better once I trim it and do all the make-up over it, I'm sure! :D

AND I bought two packets of polymer clay from Daiso! :D :D :D I'm so excited to play with them this weekend, I've always known they existed but they're so expensive in arts and crafts shops in 1Utama - Daiso never stocked them until now! :P RM10 for 2 packets of 6 cubes each. Suck on that, overpriced crafts shops! :P