Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Purchasing power, why art thou elude me?

Remember that lace bangle I was totally in love with, from Diva? I finally found it updated on the Diva website, and it's only 17 bucks for Australians! :( It's 50 bucks here for us. :( With a heart-breaking sigh of resignation, that means I probably won't buy it after all.

I'll just immortalise it on my blog forever and pretend that I own the image of it.

Black lace bangle from Diva

In class today we learnt that Malaysia's Ringgit Malaysia currency is actually being suppressed by the national bank - for the sake of getting foreign multinational corporations to come and invest here, set up factories, produce stuff here, blah blah blah. :(

That means we could actually have tonnes of purchasing power to buy stuff from all over the world, when we go travelling, etc - and not have to mentally convert USD/Pounds/AUD to MYR every time we want to buy something! But we have to sacrifice that - as a nation - because everyone has to race to the bottom to get the top dogs on your side of the fence.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we were a self-sufficient nation and didn't have to rely on MNCs to bring us foreign investment, or rely on other countries to buy our exported goods?

Other pretty things so pretty that I wish money grew on the trees in my garden:

Photograph from Pop That Penny

Vintage-inspired clock pendant necklace from Diva

Arrow cursor acrylic necklace from wakeupandgetdressed

Paperclip acrylic necklace from wakeupandgetdressed
Me: What're you doing now? I'm in the middle of writing a very long essay on psychoanalysis and Romantic literature.
Denise: I'm being a bimbo and trying on dresses.