Monday, 7 June 2010

The clash of civilizations.

Oh, Mondays! Spent an hour at the awful bank, waiting and waiting and waiting for staff who work in slow-motion and shuffle their feet from desk to tray to cabinet. And they lost the documents, so luckily we filled up new forms before going to the bank because we knew they'd lose the documents. Not to mention how it's two floors, and doing half a thing is in one floor and the other half of the thing is uptairs - so I felt like a ping pong ball being bounced from floor to floor.

Gah! I hate the bank!
Why can't all the boring banking stuff be done online?!

Anyway, whatevs. Went to Atria with mum after the horrible bank. Bought a kimono maxi dress at last! :) Didn't mean to shop, hehe, but mum said the quality of this dress is really great! :D Also found tonnes of funky leggings and high quality yoga pants in that shop, so I'll be going back there in a few months' time, hehe! :P

Printed kimono maxi from Atria

About to start writing an essay on Samuel Huntington's theory on the "clash of civilizations". It sounds interesting, right? :P

PS: I've realised I've been too limiting in my cellphone prayers. Instead of aiming for a BlackBerry, I should be casting a wider net - and just hoping for a smartphone! :D It is the future, after all!