Sunday, 6 June 2010

Coffee or thread?

I have stray hair on my eyebrows and I've never done anything about it. Eventually I'll have to do something though. Shaza wants to bring me threading after exams.

I wonder if I can do it myself, like this lady here:

Conversation of the day:
Cynth: the prime minister say to save up
Jaclyn: buying like shit loads of stuff
me: who say
he wants us to spend so that economy can move
Jaclyn: oh yeah and that too (thanks cynth)
2019 the country going bankrupt
Cynth: we dont nid to wait til 2019
we will die wen the world coes to an end
me: coz 2012 world end?
Jaclyn: 2012?
Cynth: then i no nid to pay off credit card debts
Jaclyn: apalah
nathalee: coz they maken themselves ma
tats y no money
plsla buy a chair - ONE STUPID PLASTIC CHAIR rm600
Lydia: i cant join any chat rooms on bb


nathaliez said...

later we all kena ISA la SHa