Friday, 11 June 2010

I was never a fan of jelly... until now.

Jelly lens filters! Bee Yang of Kawaii Store has just sealed the deal to one of the most interesting product reviews I'll be working on during the semester break. :D

Jelly lens filters from Kawaii Store

I've written countless advertorials last year for these quirky little jelly lens things, but I've never actually written about a first-hand experience with them - because, sadly, they're not compatible with both my cellphone's camera and my camera camera. :(

But Bee Yang offered the awesome solution of sending me a camera that works with the jelly lens filters! :D Presenting the fascinating ...

Vista Quest Mini LOMO digital camera from Kawaii Store

So I'll be fully equipped to blog about 'em supercute, supercool LOMO cameras and jelly lenses! :D Can't wait! I'm especially excited about the fish-eye effect that one of the jelly lenses create, hehe!