Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sneaker heels love.

Cherry Koko Sneaker Heels
Studded denim sneaker heels from Korean webstore Cherry Koko, 39,900 Won
Sold out at Cherry Koko (aww), luckily the same pair available at Redopin (but for 56,800 Won)
Via Korean-connected local blogshop Korean Fashion Station

Sneaker heels speak volumes for how eccentric and totally awesome fashion can be these days! :D Combining the comfort of good ol' canvas sneakers with the platforms and chunky heels that transport its wearer to new heights (literally), sneaker heels are just old school cool!

My latest advertiser/client is a shop called Korean Fashion Station, which is like a middleman to help Malaysians shop from Korean webstores. Not quite the familiar concept in the online shopping community here yet, so we thought a personal experience shopping with them would be interesting to add to the mix! :D I really like the owner of the shop - top-notch communication skills, provided loads of useful information, replies emails promptly - I definitely can't wait to write this review (which should be sometime in early July).

Oh and yes, the shoes are on their way to me! :) Sneaker heels looove.

PS: FIFA World Cup starts tomorrow. I don't think I'll try to watch any of it - considering my cable package doesn't even carry the channels that show the games - until after exams :) It only ends on 11th July anyway! :D


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