Thursday, 10 June 2010

Leaky Cauldron

Come on, man! Polygamy? Seriously?
I feel like we're living in the 1900's!

A 51-year-old MP with his 31-year-old celeb mistress-turned-second-wife

Are we in a war? Why do some men feel the need to have more than one wife? And to do it in secret, without the first wife knowing! It is totally just adultery! And now they've legitimized it by putting a wedding band on it and calling it "fate". And you know what? The media and the Syariah courts are all over this - but for a different reason! They're being punished for having a polygamous marriage without the court's approval. That's it. First - no criticism re the fact that he Cheated On His Wife! The wife that bore him FIVE children! Second - if the court had said ok, does that mean it is OKAY?

Bigger question - this guy sits in our country's Parliament! Oh my god! If Chua Soi Lek had the dignity to resign after being caught playing the weeweewawa with his "friend", how come this guy is all over the press and flaunting it? Is there no accountability when he's wearing his MP hat? Lots of British MPs had to resign for much less!

But wait... while all this is going on ... he's still married to TWO women?!