Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Red shoes and sunstroke.

Apparently all it takes is three hours in the hot sun to make me sick :(

Red laced-up wedges from Style Nanda, via Korean Fashion Station

I really believe I would feel a lot better if a new pair of South Korean shoes would adorn my feet. I've been saving and saving to treat myself to a nice pair of new shoes, but just as I was about to buy a gorgeous pair of black laced-up booties with purple piping ... they've all been reserved by the Koreans themselves! :(

Left: The pair I wanted | Right: The pair I'm considering buying instead

I've noticed that I never seem able to get Korean shoes right away - they're always sold out! Remember the denim sneaker heels? They were sold out at Cherry Koko after I chose it, and I was just lucky to find the same pair in Redopin. Unfortunately this time, I couldn't find the same pair anywhere else. Looks like Ippiya was selling a really unique pair!

My status update on my YSK email was:
"The sound of a heart breaking: the wail of a shopaholic when she finds out the shoes she wants are sold out!"
Of course, a part of me really likes the red wedges instead - and that part of me is considering buying those instead. But knowing my luck, they'll probably be sold out the moment I place my order! :(

In the meantime, I've resigned myself to keep my head down and do my YSK work. I resolve to only go out when I'm fully recovered from this horrible flu and sore throat. The workaholic-shopaholic conundrum continues ...

Black laced-up heeled booties from Lush Serendipity

Plus this pair of shoes above is already on its way over to me from somewhere across the seas, courtesy of Grace. Sadly, though, I know they probably won't fit - seeing as the shoes are meant to fit 24.5cm feet, but mine are 25cm. But hopefully the lace will give me some room! I fit into those Agape Boutique wedges fine. Hmm.

PS: But look who I gave a Chanel-inspired floral lace bag to for her birthday! ;)