Friday, 30 July 2010

"If it's yellow let it mellow. If it's brown flush it down."

A landmark move in water conservation, according to Urban Dictionary. :D

Anyway - it's The Weekend! :) Lots of homework and reading to do, but at least there are no classes for the next two days!

Today, I decided to break into my aztec leggings (the RM15 ones!) with my favourite ridiculously oversized crisp white shirt :D

And then I must've gotten my internal navigation system caught in the patterned print of my pants, because I outdid myself today in terms of going to the wrong classroom.

My tutorial was supposed to be in Building 6, Level 2.
I wound up at Building 2, Level 6.

I wasn't even in the right building!

Luckily I bumped into my lecturer, who then led the way to the correct classroom :(

I accidentally signalled myself into the same lane as the SYT (Slow Yellow Tractor, not Sweet Young Thing) today. Usually all the cars avoid it, but I decided to take five and practise some patience by deliberately following it for the next five minutes. :D It was really nice. Life was suddenly moving at a rapidly slower pace.

And then I saw my dream car a.k.a. Yellow Volkswagen Beetle whizzing past me with two doors and an unbelievably lucky girl behind the wheel:

Seriously, how much does that car cost here? I really have no idea, but I'm guessing it's a lot because it's 9982938291 times less common than a Myvi or Proton! Can you believe that a used yellow VW beetle is only $5,875 in America? They get all the good prices there! :( If I really can't ever afford one in real life, I'm totally going to get one for my SIMS 3 the next time I play it! :P

Or maybe settle for an alternative and significantly cheaper yellow car :D

Yellow Archie Grand notebook from Ade of :)


Sammy said...

i think the beetle is about 200k if first hand, but this is according to last year's price for that particular model you like :P they're coming out with a newer version soon!

Charis said...

omg my dream car is the beetle too!! but i want it in black =D