Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Blooper reels in the making.

So I thought today was going to be the day I made my first video using Adobe Premier Pro, BUT as it turns out, I didn't realise that APP would cut off the top and bottom of my camera frame ... so I had to use good ol' Video Edit Magic again for my Salon Shaper review :P

I'm pretty stupid in this video, but you should see the blooper reels. LOL. Seriously. I'll make a blooper reel of all the stupid things I've said or done on camera (from the days of TV Journalism footage) during the holidays and upload it :P


Anonymous said...

How did you find the salon shaper to be working recently? Do you still like the product, was it worth your money? How long would you say it lasts for and where could you replace the bits?

Sha-Lene said...

Yup, it's definitely a great product and worth the money - it's so affordable! :) I reckon it would last for ages... you only need to replace the battery :)

No idea where to replace the bits, perhaps you'd have to buy a new set or go to a beauty store.