Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bread, Love & Dreams.

Since Jewel In The Palace ended in 2003, I'm not usually one for Korean dramas - but this relatively new one on KBS has piqued my interest! :D It's called "Bread, Love & Dreams" - and the dude who plays Kim Takgu is so likeable!

Mummy says it airs on weekdays (Wednesdays & Thursdays), but now that I've discovered the 2-hour Sunday rerun, I'm so gonna make this my Sunday morning ritual! :P

But watching that also means it's already 2.35pm on Sunday, which means I have only a few hours left to do my whole sports match report - from researching the teams (Manchester City and Inter Milan) to watching the match to interviewing people. Alas, such is the life of a Monash student :P And now... I have to figure out what in the world is a "match report"... and how the game of football works :P