Monday, 9 August 2010


So I was up until 3am this morning working madly on my assignments, and I've finally finished two of them! :D I officially know a tiny little bit about football, Manchester City, and Roberto Mancini (who I think is a really awesome guy).

Handed in my too-much-work-for-too-little-marks Marketing assignment this morning and then it was off to brunch with Mummy to celebrate my completely unmonumental achievement of surviving an assignment-wracked weekend :D

Green skater dress, Topshop | Grey longline cardigan, Marks & Spencer

Contrary to popular belief, I haven't been buying anything - or much of any fashion apparel - in a long, long time! :P Honest! And even these two were just irresistable and on sale for less than half price :D Don't they look comfy? I do love my long-sleeved knitwear! :D

Aaaand look what's finally arrived! :D My very own Chloe Sally Flap Bag from Fashion-Urges! :D Except this one's RM69 and not RM5000, hehehe...

PS: Am I the only one who thinks the KFC Snax "youth portal" is a totally awesome marketing campaign? :D Food with fashion, delicious! And now you get to collect points for every KFC purchase! Hope my Snax card reaches me soon, hohoho~

Back to the grindstone now :P Sports quiz, law debate, media stuff, YSK... and all I really want to do is have dinner and curl into a fluffy ball under the duvet.