Friday, 6 August 2010

Paradise is Jack Daniel's sauce.

Ahh, my favourite Jack Daniel's beef bacon burger with a side of french fries AND most importantly, Jack Daniel's sauce! :) :) :)

Had lunch at Friday's (my favourite restaurant, just in case you haven't noticed that I'm wearing my "TGIF" on my sleeve in this blog's banner) with Shang and Sushi today after our media tutorial. Tutorial consisted of a rerun of yesterday's lecture (a pretty interesting topic: Jean Baudrillard's crtique of mass media), Jared's relentless attempts at convincing me that shoelessness is the way to go, and Jung Ai pointing out that my denim sneaker heels were gorgeous but maybe I should've taken off the stickers that said "SIZE 250".

In my defense, I didn't realise they were stickers :P I thought they were tattooed on the shoes!

Anyway, busy weekend ahead in terms of assignments! Marketing 101 assignment (which is WAY harder than it should be for a 2% weightage), a sports match report, feeble attempts at studying for the first sports quiz, and law debate prep. Bummer that a cool bazaar is going on in Rasta TTDI tomorrow, Kiki's store is launching in Times Square on Sunday, and I obviously can't make it to both events because I should have to stay home and nerd away.

Quick note to self: I just downloaded Google Chrome! :D I'm still using Mozilla Firefox at the moment (love it to bits), but Chrome will come in very useful when I want to upload extra-large photos for YSK or this blog! Joy! On Mozilla, I have to keep dragging the corners to manually adjust the photo size, so it becomes pixellated and blurry like this:

(Edit: 7 August, 4.50pm: Okay, this is so weird but it looks like Google Chrome doesn't offer me the option of uploading larger-sized pics after all! I can't even adjust the sizes manually. My blogger layout page doesn't even load completely. Mozilla for the win :P)

P.S: LOL moment for today - Sushi has an uber buff friend who reminds me of Jacob Black - and we bumped into him again today. He says to me, "Hey, this is the second time we've met! .....(??)..." so I just stare at him trying to read his lips, because I had no idea what words he was saying. LOL. Anyway, later I asked Sushi what he said, and it was, "Call me!" So this is how the conversation must've went:
"Jacob Black": Hey, this is the second time we've met! (etc) ... Call me!
Me: *Stares blankly*

Hahaha. Oh Sartre. On top of that, I was wearing four-inch heels so I sorta kinda towered over everyone, including "Jacob Black"! LOL.