Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Do you speak Handbag?

It's been four hours and I can't stop grinning :D :D :D

I met up with Charmin today - and snorted in laughter when I realised all the girls around me at the bus stop were meeting her too to collect their bags - and she surprised me with a Very Early Birthday Present! :D I was there to pick up something, but there were 2 items in the bag she gave me instead of one, and she said, "The other one is for you."

From glossyaddiction *Click here for direct post!*

Yes, it is what you think it is! :D A dangerously black Balenciaga biker bag with gold hardware! Oh my SARTRE! :D

I was rushing to class after (for that sports quiz) and the package was all wrapped up, so I couldn't guess what was inside! I peeked in the elevator, but almost missed my stop so when I tumbled breathlessly into the classroom (which was EMPTY except for Sushi - so much for being late lol) we tore it open :P :P

When I saw what it was:
Me: OMG Sushi, it's a Balenciaga-inspired Motorcyle City bag!
Santushi: What? I'm sorry, I don't speak handbag.
And then I went berserk and excitedly called Charmin to thank her profusely!

Ahhhh LOVE!

P.S: Not going to the fashion show today! :( Shangari's doing her Media Texts assignment, Sushi is buried in a Media, Culture, Power essay - and Shaza's fever came back :( Oh well!