Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Money Shot!

OMG! Omg omg omg! I know some people say that "Twihards embarass themselves on a daily basis", but OMG! I'm supposed to be studying sports now (pfffft) but I stumbled upon a gasp-inducing something on the World Wide Web!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - pictured kissing when "RPatz" was visiting "KStew"! The photographer/paparazzi who captured this total uber MONEY SHOT must be raking in the happy notes now! These two have always been rumoured to be a couple (in real life, not onscreen) but there has never been that one money shot that really proved it.

CLICK CLICK CLICK. I won't put the photo here because the website that bought the picture deserves every oozle of traffic :P (Violation against privacy aside.)

So the Robsten rumours are true after all! :D If you don't realise the monumental impact this money shot gives, it's obvious that you've never read the Twilight books. And you really can't judge Twihards until you've read every single page of the books! :P

Gosh darn it. I wish my test tomorrow would be about Twilight, not sports.