Thursday, 19 August 2010

Meet my new drug, SATC.

Ah, serendipity. Approximately one week ago I blogged about two things I wanted - my red shoes and to watch Sex and The City (the series).

Now I have my gorgeous red shoes - wore them out for the first time today too - and I'm in the middle of the second season of SATC :D I swear, SATC is my new opium. It's so funny and witty! I never appreciated it in its full glory as a child when it was aired on HBO. Thank goodness for technology, right? :P Now we can have any shows, anytime! :)

At midnight this morning, I realised that I don't have any classes this Friday - law class cancelled and media tutorial replaced with an experimental "digital" class (the Australian unit coordinator is doing some research on cyber tutorials vs. "real life" ones: students make such useful guinea pigs). So with a critical analysis paper due Friday, I had to stay up until 2 a.m. writing it so that I could hand it in today :D

A little sleep was sacrificed, but I finished the essay and I get my first long weekend of the semester for some much-needed R&R to start studying for September 2nd's Marketing 101 Midterm exam. But of course I still need to drop by campus on Monday to hand in my Marketing assignment :P As usual, it's a big schedule stinker that I have no classes on Mondays but a paper due every Monday.

P.S: Read *THIS* and tell me what the heck is wrong with the people who send bullets and deaths threats to people! :(