Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Great Malaysian Tea Party!

My first trinket tea party, hosted by the lovely Choobs family! :D It was kinda like a Tupperware party, but cooler, hehe! :P

With the "tea party" tagline, I was half-expecting cookies and scones and the sort of teacups that I have to stick my pinky out when I'm drinking from it :P But instead, I found myself revelling in some of my Malaysian cuisine favourites - currypuffs, bananas, keropok and cake! And apple juice instead of tea! :P

The adorable Mechell came excitedly along, hehe! :D With her new floral hairclip she bought from La Dolce in MOFEW on Friday :P I was using my new pink floral bag from The Survival Store too - shows we like using new things a.s.a.p :D

It was so cute, we used plastic containers to hold the trinkets we were buying or thinking of buying :P Pictured above is Mechell's plastic container - on the right are the two bracelets with cabochon flowers I really liked, but were one notch too small for me T.T Please stop laughing at my giant wrists. I could get the bracelets extended, but I wouldn't be able to buy them on the spot ... basically, I got too lazy to follow up, haha :P

So I took a photo to remember them by, hehe!

Super friendly party guests:

Beautiful decor in the house, as well as decor that was put up specially for the tea party :)

Keeping this short so I can get back to my law debate, hehe :) A final photo to show what Mechell and I bought! :D

The two floral cabochon necklaces are mine (yellow and blue) - two for RM28! :) The heart-shaped locket and love-themed charm bracelet are Mechell's, both for RM30 :D

Hehe don't you want to get invited to their next tea party? :D Drop Choobs an email - and I'll see you next year! ;)

P.S: Click here for Mechell's blog entry on the tea party! :D