Monday, 16 August 2010

"The poet's darling," wrote William Wordsworth in "To the Daisy".

Since it's Ramadhan month, it seems fitting that I quote Prophet Muhammad in my writing today. He said that bread feeds the body but "flowers feed also the soul". Mmm. Have you ever stopped, literally stopped, to look at a flower?

Okay, so this may be a cabochon rose, but it is a flower nonetheless - the architecture of the petals, the intricacy of the folds, the way it dances in delicate little waves. Flowers are the personification of beauty. Stop and smell the roses, right? :)

Sometimes I forget that my favourite flower is actually the sunflower - but because hardly anyone makes sunflower jewellery or sells sunflowers in bouquets at florists, I've come to stop discriminating when it comes to flowers.

"Flowers really do intoxicate me" - as Vita Sackville-West once so notably declared.

Anyway, my jibber jabber today is a result of sleeping at 4 a.m. in the morning manically completing my law debate (which was due 11 a.m. this morning). The speech I wrote, I think it was a load of bollocks ... but I've given it my best shot. Come what may now! :D

OOOH and I just had to say this - I've officially discovered the joys of gel liner! It's amazing compared to pencil liner, because this doesn't smudge/smear/droop after a while :D

So after sleeping at 4am, I had to wake up at 9.45am (an ungodly hour in my books) to go to campus and hand in my Marketing assignment... then to a place called "Uptown" to meet Soo Wern Jun, a fashion and beauty journalist from theSun! :D Not "The Sun" - the local newspaper called "The Sun" :P Sorry, couldn't resist the lame joke. Anyway she's basically doing a story on online shopping reviewers and Your Shopping Kaki is one of the ones she's interviewing :) Small matter but I'm so excited anyway, lol! I'm totally gonna stalk The Sun everyday for the next 60 days or something, and then if I get deleted or something I'll just dig a hole and stick my head in it :P

Oooh and remember the KFC Snax Youth Portal I was blogging about recently? Turns out they come to campuses/malls/events to take "street style shots" and Alyn (from Klue) took pics of me for KFC Snax *shy!* But on the bright side, my gigantic orange Kipling bag is immortalised forever on the World Wide Web :D Pix will be up in a couple of weeks :)

Final note - this mention is a little bit delayed, but I found the paper crane from this blog! :D The origami one - look at the top right-hand corner area of this blog! I just had to get it, hehe - got it from the delightful June of A Fashion Story.

P.S: The library has a new book return system, and I don't quite understand how it works. It's getting under my skin. I think I'm going to go to campus tomorrow and figure out the mind-boggling new device. I might even have to borrow a random book out just so I have something to return! :P