Friday, 6 August 2010

"Here's looking at you, kid."

My newest baby cousin is turning a month old this mid-August! :D Adorable little Thea Pung, daughter of Astley Pung and Sylvia Chang. Which also means Theodore has a baby sister already, hehe! I wonder if he realises it - how aware is a tot about the external world? Hmmm.

Thea Pung, I'm sorry I haven't met you yet! :(

I love how she has a totally unconventional, unpronouncable-by-the-gramps name like "Thea" - this gives me license to name my future kids Milo, Cerie and/or Sunday as I please! :P Coz you know, now there's precedence in the family tree already. HEHE.

It will be interesting to see if Thea's first cellphone will be an iPhone. Seriously! I'm sure you can imagine how ridiculously obsolete non-smartphones will be in less than 10 years :P And since I come from the dinosaur age compared to the little Biebered-up tweens of today, I'm still waiting for mine ...

I spend Marketing lectures sandwiched between iPhone-wielding friends. But at least I get to practise typing on their phones :P I thought my gigantic fingers weren't destined for touchscreen, but turns out I can do it already! Except Ai's cell is mostly in Korean. Hehe!

As if I don't chase enough material obsessions as it is, I blame Charmin for showing me the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Petal to the Metal" shoulder bag! :( You realise now that I'm in love with it. I don't know why most of my dream bags are by Marc Jacobs, eventhough there's a zero-to-none possibility of me ever splurging on an authentic MJ bag. Boo to the pipsqueak local currency that renders a 500 dollar bag into a 2000 ringgit one here :(

P.S: There's a petition going around on Facebook to save Yong Vui Kong, a 22-year-old Malaysian sentenced to be hanged in Singapore. Before I joined the petition, I read what the story was - and I think you should too :) I think he deserves a second chance. Read it here.