Thursday, 5 August 2010

"Hey, I like your face!"

My Marketing 101 lecturer said that to me today, in a total LOL moment when I was about to ask her a question. She's reallyyy nice! :D I adore her. I think her open and bubbly personality personifies the sort of character I aspire to have. Someday :P

Anyway, today I ordered a "savoury crispy" for the second time ever in the history of my cafeteria patronage, and decided to document it on film this time round :P

Yummy! Shang and I ordered Double Cheese & Onion. The whatever they sprinkle on the inside makes me sneeze when I eat it though. Haha.

Today I also realised how much nasi lemak I've been "tapau"-ing back this semester, because the nasi lemak lady smiled and waved at me happily when we passed by each other on campus. LOL. Oh Sartre.

Yes, I wore my floral playsuit today! :D I just felt like it. And then I towered over everyone like a big floral giant because I chose today to wear another pair of four-inch wedges too :P

P.S: I forgot to blog about having finally watched Casablanca last weekend! :D I borrowed the DVD from the campus library. Despite countless friends' warnings that the film was very long and boring, I totally loved it - I thought it was really funny and that old-timer sorta classic! My favourite scene is this one: *Click here to watch the YouTube clip*