Tuesday, 10 August 2010

When life hands you insects ...

... Pray that it's a Volkswagen Beetle. Pray hard!

The Beetle I drove past today. I held up traffic on campus parking grounds by insisting on taking a picture :P

Sometimes I think life is openly taunting me by putting a YELLOW Beetle in my line of sight every few days. The last one I spotted was just 9 days ago! Maybe it's a more common car than I'd initially thought :(

Anyway, every Tuesday at 12pm, I'm supposed to have lunch with Jenny and Shang. Neither of them showed today - Shang has to prep for her theatre gala (The Reluctant Saint: The Musical starts running this Wednesday night :D) while Jen overslept due to a flu med overdose. So that left me with an empty hour between classes with nothing to do and my other friends printing assignments :(

Luckily, I bumped into Jacqui - my editor from my college newsletter and now an Honours student at Monash! :) She asked me if I was going to Dr Julian's book launch. Talk about serendipity, hehe!

Dr Julian C.H. Lee's first book launch: "Islamization and Activism in Malaysia", circa RM30

The book launch was really interesting! :D I know, I know, you probably think I'm the biggest nerd since Urkel to spend my lunch hour in a room full of hardcore academics, but this was the first book launch I'd ever attended - and even if it wasn't like those fancy book launches we see in Hollywood movies or TV programs, it was still a cool experience! :D

It was kind of structured like a lecture, eventhough it didn't feel like one. I learnt some stuff about the Islamization of Malaysia, the peculiarity of the fatwa, and some key conversion/"apostacy" cases, and how there seems to be a way forward via activists joining forces on legal, social and political ends. Interesting, right? :)

At least it was a fun, non-assessed way to start the week :D Gotta work on my Law Debate now :/ Ho hum.

P.S: I won't make any apologies for being a self-involved, stereotypically shallow 21-year-old, but if you're someone other than myself reading this, I'm sorry you have to read about how thrilled I am that my hair is growing long again ... when there are so many more important things going in the world right now :P To add salt to your morally-offended wound, I'm also going to add that when my hair starts turning grey/white, I'm going to dye my hair a very dark shade of brown :D

I also realised that photos taken directly are clearer than photos taken via mirror reflections. Hmm. Lol.