Friday, 20 August 2010

Troy, m'boy.

It's been approximately four and a half hours since Troy passed away.

He was the bestest, cutest, most loyal - and the only - dog I'd ever really known. And it really blows that he's not alive and breathing anymore, but the last week has been so hard on him - watching him suffer, unable to stomach any food down for long before throwing it back up - that I'm relieved he isn't suffering any longer. All dogs go to heaven, after all :)

On the bright side, he lived a long and deliriously happy life. When my family adopted him in 2004, he was 6 years old and miserably abused by his former owners. Our home was his retirement villa. That was 6 years ago, and a 12-year-old dog is as close as it gets to an ancient human being.

I'll never forget you, m'boy. The way you had to compulsively circle a spot half a dozen times before you can sit or lie down - and then if someone comes by, you have to get up and then circle all over again. The way you don't poop like other dogs (long story). The way you've been debarked by your first owners and everyone in the neighbourhood knows you for your "sexy bark". The way you had no idea what a cat was. The way you and Bunny (our family rabbit) are BFFs.

The way you wagged your adorable little tail when you were happy. The way your big brown eyes always looked so pitiful when you were asking for snacks. The way you wanted your snacks to be your main course. The way you stole Bunny's food, only to realise cabbage was so not your thing.

The way you've lit up our home for six wonderful years ... Troy, m'boy.


Uncle Ong & Aunty Pat said...

We're both happy and sad over the passing of Troy. Happy as we've come to know him and care about him. Happy also because he's finally relieved of sufferings and off to somewhere far off to happyland. Sad too that we would no longer be seeing him anymore.

We definitely feel what you & mum are feeling. Our deepest condolences. We'll always remember Troy's cheerfulness & happy self.

Feeling very concerned, Uncle Ong & Aunty Pat.