Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Video recording FAIL.

Campus was mighty packed with activities today! NGO Day and Student Council Presidential Debate (for the elections) made the foyer area look very busy, hehe.

I was pretty excitedly taking a video of the debate ... unfortunately, the audio totally disappeared! :( Either that, or I somehow found a way to accidentally mute the audio while recording. I didn't even know that was possible! Despite my wails of disappointment, I decided to make do with what I got and upload a video ANYWAY. Lol. :(

Photos of the colourful NGO Day - the most attractive booth was probably the PT Foundation one (formerly known as Pink Triangle) where they got passers-by to hold up signs in protest/prevention of AIDS :)

P.S: My hotmail account has officially been hacked and no longer accessible by me. I've been locked out! LOL. Dang :/ Some hacker's gone in to change the password, alternative email (so I can't even receive a new password!), and secret question. So, please don't send any emails to pungshalene@hotmail.com - and if you receive anything from there, delete it at once. I've set up a new, clean hotmail account - pungshalene88@hotmail.com :D Please don't send any emails there, it's for Windows Live Messenger in the rare times I need to sign in :)