Monday, 20 September 2010

Melodist needed.

Hello! :) I recently wrote the lyrics to a jingle that Ai and I spontaneously inspired over lunch - but I need someone to compose a simple melody for it. Do you know anyone - perhaps yourself? :) Drop me an email, thanks! :D

Found an alternative to the grey dress from thepoplook I loved but was clearly ten sizes too small for me. Hehe. This one (pictured above) is from Trendy Confessions - I'm gonna pick it up at Chic Pop if I go! :) Plain enough to go nuts on accessories! I actually came across an entire new collection of long, oversized shift dresses at Marks & Spencer, but you guessed it - they cost at least RM160 each. :/

What else is new in the online shopping scene - Shopaholics Unite! seems to be back with a POW! Hehehe! Good thing I fell in love with the fringe-shouldered blue tie-dye top at the same time as Leng wanted an advertorial to promote upcoming shopping parties :D Yeah, you read it right - shopping parties! Parties where people go just to chill out, have fun and shop. Kinda like "swapping parties" in the U.S. and U.K., except you swap cash for clothes. Hahaha.

I'm also pretty thrilled about a couple of upcoming product reviews for YSK that I'm sure readers will find uber useful - hair sponges (seriously, I heard these are amazing!) and bag organizers (met the owners of Tidy & Neat yesterday at The Butterfly Project - Tammy introduced them to me as interested advertisers, lol).

And that's it on the non-academic front :P I'll be swimming in my Marketing 101 essay until the next 48 hours are over.