Saturday, 9 October 2010

He made law funny.

At Chic Pop when I was speaking to an old friend from law seminars, I found out that my favourite law tutor in the world, Mr Ananth, passed away from a heart attack :( And I never found out because the last time I spoke to him was in my first year at Monash, when I was interviewing him for a feature story I was writing about matured students. The educational world has suffered another great loss. He was joyous and charming, patient and kind beyond words! :(

When I was at that really low point in my life in 2008 when I knew law school was overwhelming me, he was the only teacher I could turn to - the only teacher I knew would understand. When I was struggling desperately to keep from losing my mind two weeks before my second year finals, he was there for me when I broke down and cried. He tutored me when I was hopeless. When I decided to quit law school, he tried to persuade me to stay in the law track by switching to University of London's distance learning program. He said he would teach me, help me back up - he gave me hope when no other teacher could even begin to understand the turmoil in my mind.

Mr Ananth taught me more than just how to understand land statutes and constitutional debates, he introduced me to a whole world of diverse students and friends. He taught me how to behave in interviews and, over weekly teh tarik, gave me glimpses into what the real world was like - and what I could do to score jobs or positions I sought. He made us all laugh until tears streamed down our cheeks, he made law funny and fun and classes something to look forward to. I may have discovered his law classes a little too late, but he inspired us - me - powerfully enough to last a lifetime.

I'll never forget Mr Ananth ... one of the greatest educators I will ever have the honour and pleasure of knowing. With the loss of Mr Benjamin, and now the belated-loss of Mr Ananth ... I think I should definitely appreciate my favourite teachers more - especially the ones that truly inspire me.

*Read more about Mr Ananth here, in his daughter's blog entry.