Saturday, 9 October 2010


Chic POP Street Market 5 today was hands down the best bazaar I've ever been to! :D And I didn't even get to check out all the available activities and booths, but for the first time in a long time, I got to actually SHOP at a bazaar! Joy! Because every bazaar I've been to in the past two years, I've either been helping at the event and/or reviewing the event - and taking photos, chatting with almost all the shop owners, that takes up a lot of time and energy - and by the time I'm finished, it's time to leave or I'm too drained to shop!

This time, I told myself to resist from reviewing the event, so that I could actually check out the awesome stuff on sale for myself :) So I'm a happy shopper today, hehe!

I actually went to the street market with Maria, Mechell and Mechell's two friends - Melissa (IMU) and Ju Beng (Monash) - but I pretty much ventured off on my own as soon as we entered shopping territory, haha! Sorry guys :P

Today's haul: Grey baggy dress from Trendy Confessions, bib necklace from Bluey Joyce, feather and diamante brooch from Lah'Lah'Land, slashed paint-splattered leggings from Black Milk Project, and a leather-polyester skirt - a present from Cynthia!

I'm seriously so thrilled that I finally got the bib necklace (RM30) and the eclectic brooch (RM15) I wanted! The fact that my new brooch doubles as a hairclip is a total bonus :D I saw some gorgeous military brooches at the bazaar too, but I decided one brooch was enough - until there's a specific reason to get another, hehe! :)

The nice people behind Emmy Cubic and Bluey Joyce :D

I even decided to have a go at the palm-reading booth! :) RM25 for an hour of listening to Madam Loh, hehe!

On other news (still shopping-related, lol), Jeremy from Myfavouritees has launched his first original production tees! :D Yay, I'm so happy for him (and his mum Stephanie, haha)! Did I ever mention that back in the days when I was "researching" the behind-the-scenes action of bazaars and helping Mei, Jeremy's mum gave me nasi lemak to eat because I was so hungry! She even let me use her plate because I couldn't understand how to eat nasi lemak out of the triangle packet itself. LOL!

Whee! There's no therapy like retail therapy!