Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Toilet paper.

"Guess what I did today?" I yelped in excitement.
"Treadmill?" he mused.
"No, I do that everyday, it's not a surprise!"
"Tell meeee."
"I changed out the toilet paper in my bathroom! All by myself, for the first time!"
"I'm dating a twelve-year-old." 
I can almost taste it in the air - change. Things are changing, changing, changing and it's exciting. I start work next week, tutoring six classes a week. My lecturers are now my colleagues. My peers are now my students. I drove to the post office all by myself, despite my mother's insistence that she drive me there and wait for me, and parked my car and posted out my parcels on my own. Tonight I noticed the toilet paper in my bathroom had run out, so I changed out a new one - all by myself. It was a victory of an internal battlefield, like sticking a flag in my own undiscovered moon. These are things that every other person probably never thinks twice about, but it's understandably all new to someone who grew up in an intensely sheltered world. I hope... I hope beyond anything that I'll get into grad school in the U.S. and my own life can actually start to begin. After I get a Master's degree, I need to get myself a job a.k.a. financial independence. I know my goals, I know my path, and I'm taking it one step at a time! :D I refuse to let anyone or anything, even toilet paper, stand in my way.