Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Horrors of Poundage!

What a day!

Shaza did the sweetest thing! :D She came over this morning to give me a hug and a lace bangle! Along with a very Freudian handwritten gift card.

I'm glad I jumped up and down and up and down squealing in excitement, because it's at least some form of exercise - I just discovered what an absolute pig I've been! :( I've put on so many extra inches that I can only laugh with agony - and swear off my insane stress-eating habits! FUREAL!


But please, no fat jokes until I've lost at least 5 kilos! Or I swear I will bury you under the weight of all my maxi dresses. You Will Suffocate!

A sense of humour was, however, required for The Return Of The Authorship Essays today. I wasn't one of the lucky two to get a HD, but I managed to luck out on the next best grade :) Yayyy.

The bummer statement in my essay remarks :( The kind that compels me to go, "Aww."

Like everyone else's paper, mine was filled with remarks. Including the above :P


M Hastings said...

What a lovely bangle!